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About Us

A Unique Platform

GemUni is building a Decentralized Universe of Casual Games for everyone around the world to engage in Fun, Easy, and Play to Earn Games. Users can enjoy diverse addictive Casual Games & Signature Games, while monetizing their experiences with gaming platform rewards and NFTs transactions.

5 Powerful

GENI Pass NFTs act as membership cards in the GemUni’s Casual Gaming Platform, enabling users to access gaming networks and play games to earn. There are five Pass levels: Stone, Topaz, Citrine, Ruby, and Diamond. Each Pass generates a different number of tickets per day for users to play in multiple gameplay modes.

to Play and Earn

The higher Pass levels, the higher earning rates. All the earnings are rewarded in the form of EXP, GENIX & other reward tokens and recorded in real-time to the User Pass Profile.

1000+ Casual Games
Coming in 2022

1000+ Casual Games will be launched in 2022. No matter what users’ preferences are, GemUni still offers the same play-and-earn experiences for all game genres and any particular games.

About the Market

Who Will Join
Our Gaming Community?


Casual Games Players Worldwide who want to monetize the gaming capabilities they already have


Traditional Games Players Worldwide who want to leverage their gaming capabilities with play-to-earn games

Let’s Find Out

Casual Games


Signature Games

KBG Studios


Coming soon in Q1/2022

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KBG Studios

Moon 2050

Coming soon in Q1/2022

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KBG Studios


Coming soon in Q1/2022

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KBG Studios


Coming soon in Q1/2022

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KBG Studios

Heroes Infinity

Coming soon in Q1/2022

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KBG Studios

The Olympus

Coming soon in Q1/2022

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What We Have

Casual Gaming Platform

Token: GENI (Main token), GENIX (Casual Gaming Platform reward token)

Signature Gaming Platform

Token: GENI (Main token), In-game Tokens (Reward Tokens)

NFTs Marketplace

GENI Pass NFTs for Casual Gaming Platform, other in-game NFTs for Signature Gaming Platform


Staking / Farming / Lending / Scholarship

GemUni Launchpad coming soon


DAO Treasury coming soon
Social Gaming Platform coming soon

Read to earn, Write to earn, Vote to earn, and Watch to earn

Blockchain Games Agency coming soon

Agency for Game Studios and Game Publishers
Connecting global ventures, partners, agencies, and building up global communities services across multiple channels

Cross-Chain coming soon
Wallet coming soon

Join Us

Who Can Partner With Us?


Put games on our platform and share games' profits.

Global Ambassadors

Promote and play games to receive shares of profits.


Let users play games to earn promotional rewards.

Ad Networks

Place advertisements for players to view and earn money.


Put your artworks into the platform to earn money from buyers.

The Journey

Our Roadmap


Launch Gaming site with basic features internally and for exclusive partners testing

Airdrop events to build up Social & Community channels

Raise seed and private sales

Listing on CMC


Airdrop & AMA campaigns

12/12 INO for GENI Pass NFTs, Grand Opening Event

15/12 Start Beta test Gaming site with full Play2Earn mechanics for whitelisted users

Test Security & Performance; Audit by Certik


16/01 Launch the NFT Marketplace site publicly

19/01 IDO on 3 launchpads: GameFi, Red Kite & KrystalGo

01/2022 Listing on PancakeSwap, KyberSwap

26/01 Launch Farming & Staking for GENI, NFT Passes

02/2022 Close Beta test & Official Launch Gaming Site with Play2Earn mechanics for 100+ games

03/2022 Introduce more DeFi mechanics: Lending & Leasing

Publish 200+ Play2Earn games

Kick off $1mil Global Tournament

Signature Games INO & Beta Test: Moon 2050, CyberRace, ZodiBoom

Release Whitepaper version 2.0


Listing GENI on CEXs

Introduce GemUni portal for developers/publishers to buy/rent a land to do gaming businesses on GemUni

Expand Partnerships with Studios and Creators for Gaming platform

Technical Audit

Release Whitepaper version 3.0

500+ Casual Games for Play2Earn

Signature Games full launch: Moon 2050, CyberRace, ZodiBoom

Our Vision

We’re building a Decentralized Gaming Platform for NFTs & Casual Games Play to Earn where:

  • Players can have fun with thousands of games and earn real-world values from gaming assets.
  • Partners can monetize their work, level up reputation in gaming communities, and receive stable earnings.

Our Team

The A+ Team

William Nguyen

Co-Founder & Board Member

A serial entrepreneur whose experiences vary in several industries with over 20+ technology businesses

Aspiration to adopt the newest technology in management and financial activities on a global scale

Cassie Nguyen

CEO & Founder

8-year experience in the fields of AI, Big Data, Gaming Software tech startups, and enterprises

Champion of Startup World Cup 2019 in Silicon Valley ($1,000,000 investment prize)

Champion at WISE Women Innovation Challenge 2018, Finalist at Quesnay's Female Founders in Tech Mobility 2020

Our Advisors

The Best Advisors

Peter Vesterbacka

Gaming Growth Advisor

Former Mighty Eagle of Rovio Entertainment (Angry Birds games)

Top 100 most influential people on the planet

Co-founder SLUSH Conference - the biggest non-profit startup conference in Northern Europe and Russia

Top 100 most influential people on the planet

Cris D. Tran

Growth Advisor

Co-founder FAM Central, a Metaverse of Entertainment Industry

Head of Investment for BAS Ventures under Blockchain Alliance for Sustainability

An experienced digital strategist, corporate team player and start-up enthusiast

Steve Nguyen

Blockchain Advisor

CTO & Co-founder TBlabs.org, which has developed numerous projects such as defily.io, lifeonmars.org, and dragonwars.game

15-year experience in the fields of Fintech, Blockchain, Software Development

Pavitra Mukherjee

Blockchain HR Advisor

20-year experience in Business Architecture, Project Resource Planning, Learning and Development for big IT corporates

Participation in a blockchain project (banking domain) of resource and project management for IT delivery centers in France/EU

Duy Trinh

VR Metaverse Advisor

Founder & President DTS, the owner of VR360 and vrFairs – the leading solutions in Vietnam in the fields of digital transformation and augmented reality

20-year experience as a Director, Senior Advisor on IOT, Blockchain, Fintech projects. A representative of Asia Blockchain Center

David Nguyen

Technical Advisor

A blockchain expert specializing in Fintech, Lending, Exchanges, DEX and Banking systems

Experiences in leading several multi-million dollars projects about NFT, Blockchain, Fintech, Consulting

1st Prize in Singapore Fintech Festival in 11/2019 for ASEAN SME category

Investors & Partners

Supported by Tops of Industry